Week 4 February 2008: Rain = 18mm   Total for month = 130mm   Av = 87mm

The highlight of the week (apart from the great rain) was the visit, to Yallaroo, of a flock of White-winged Choughs. There was a least 20 birds in the flock and these raucous birds spent some time in a Stringybark, east of our back patio. Choughs sometimes visit Yallaroo but not in such numbers nor so close to the house.

This week we ordered a self-contained propagating unit. We are pensioning off our old unit that has been in constant use for decades. We will provide more information when the new unit arrives.

We spent some time mowing around the house with our new mower. This mower has a catcher and the cut grass was placed in our new Tumbleweed Composter.

Some Blue-banded Bees appeared in the garden this week. They were visiting the flowers on some of our Westringias. They usually arrive earlier but they are welcome whenever they appear.

We carried out some garden maintenance this week. Some shrubs were pruned, new gardens were irrigated with grey water and weeds were spot sprayed with Glyphosate. We also pruned our fruit trees.

Planting continued this week with a number of specimens finding homes in a couple of gardens. These new plants were mulched.

Some struck cuttings were potted on this week including some Prostanthera stenophylla. This is a rare species from the Central Tablelands of New South Wales.

There are still many plants flowering at Yallaroo including Eucalyptus laevopinea and Acacia iteaphylla.

This week two Grey Fantails visited one of our birdbaths. Another visitor was either a Leaden or Satin Flycatcher. These two species are similar in appearance and we were too far away to make a positive identification.

New on Site:  Aristotelia australasica, Prostanthera petraea, Prostanthera stenophylla and Tetragonia tetragonioides .


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