Week 4 February 2007:    Rain = 63mm Monthly total = 137mm this is well over the monthly average of 87mm.
This welcome rain has brightened up the garden, filled our tanks and water is running into our dams. The garden has survived the protracted dry spell very well. We have had few plant losses. The rain has made a big difference to our new plantings.
We have large Grevillea Pink Surprise that in previous seasons has flowered profusely. This spring and summer blooms have been few and far between. This week the plant was watered with soluble potash. Hopefully this treatment will remind the plant that we would like to see a few pink flowers.
This week we put a pot of aquatic plants in our newish pond. We fitted Ranunculus inundatus, Myriophyllum and Marsilea (Nardoo) in the one pot. The pot was raised off the bottom with a couple of bricks. This will give the plants a better chance of reaching the surface.
This week our phone line was repaired. It has been faulty for many months and broke down with monotonous regularity. Telstra technicians dug up the line and repaired three faulty sections. We have always found the technical staff to be very helpful and knowledgeable. Unfortunately Broadband is not available on our line. We would like to know if anyone has had experience with Satellite Broadband.
We observed a Brown Treecreeper attacking the bark on one of our Acacia implexa. In recent times we have seen Treecreepers close to our house. Our bird feeder was visited by a pair of Galahs. The feeder is used on a daily basis by a number of Crimson Rosellas.
This week we finished planting the main section of our old Vegetable Garden with native plants. This garden has accommodated about 200 plants including a Macadamia.
We also started planting in a new garden to the south of our propagating structure. This garden will accommodate a wide rang of native shrubs.
We have red and green flowered forms of Correa glabra in our gardens. At present both forms are in full flower.
On the weekend we visited a garden in Armidale. The owners, who are members of the Australian Plant Society, are moving. They have an interesting combined native and exotic garden. They grow wide range of Eremophilas and we took cuttings of species that are not in our collection.

Garden Diary