Week 4 February 2005: Rain = 10 mm
A large number of birds are using one of our birdbaths. This week we observed Brown-headed Honeyeaters, White-naped Honeyeaters, Spinebills, Silvereyes and Yellow-faced Honeyeaters were enjoying themselves in the water.
This week we started planting in an extension of our Lawn Garden. This extension will complete the western end of the garden and accommodate about 200 plants. Two of our Christmas presents have been planted, in this garden, already. Banksia petiolaris and Dryandra nivea are natives of Western Australia and we will be watching their progress with great interest.
We have lemon and cumquat plants in large pots. This week we noticed an Orchard Swallowtail Butterfly laying eggs on the cumquat leaves. These large black and white butterflies have a tropical look about them. Their caterpillars do not concern us on our plants. We are happy to have some leaves to be eaten when the result is these beautiful insects.
This week we potted on some seedlings that have appeared in our shrubberies. Prostantheras (Mint Bushes), Correas and Bursarias (Blackthorns) have being placed in tubes. They will be relocated to other parts of the garden.    

Garden Diary