Week 4 February 2003: LET JOY BE UNRESTRAINED. 94mm of rain this week. This plus the 86mm last week has virtually finished the drought at Yallaroo. Our Big Dam has filled to overflowing and water is still running out of the ground. The rain was steady over a few days so run off into the dam carried virtually no silt.
The rain has prompted a good deal of amphibian activity. Three frog species are in full voice celebrating the rain. Dwarf Green Tree Frogs, Burrowing Frogs and Peronís Tree Frogs are calling from the three ponds near the house. Clumps of frogspawn are also appearing in the ponds. A Black Snake is taking advantage of the frog resurgence. It has been patrolling around one of the ponds searching for amphibian snacks.
Visited Armidale markets on Sunday. Bought a few plants to celebrate the rain. Purchases included: a mauve flowering Melaleuca armillaris and a ground covering form of Melaleuca thymifolia.
The rain has triggered the appearance of edible mushrooms at Yallaroo. We picked these to supplement our diet.
Plenty of Correas are coming into flower. These durable plants have survived and thrived both the drought and many hefty frosts in winter.

Garden Diary