Week 4 February 2002: 15 mm of rain this week which is keeping our water supply tank topped up and refreshing the plants in the gardens.
Strange animal droppings appeared on our front verandah this week. They looked like short sections of beads strung together. They are lizard droppings and the “bead” appearance is the undigested seeds of Myoporum parvifolium. The fruits are fleshy with a hard seed and the lizards have acquired a taste for the sweet fruits. We have noticed Crimson Rosellas also feeding on the fruits.
A Blue Banded Native Bee has been feeding on the flowers of some Plectranthus plants growing near our back patio. Native bees have a tough time competing with the exotic honeybees for food.
Sighted a new bird this week in the trees near the house. A Sacred Kingfisher takes our Yallaroo bird list to over 80 species.
Grevillea juniperina is a widespread species. There is great variation in growth habit, leaf shape and flower colour. We have a local red-flowering form with prickly foliage. These plants are in full flower with large sprays of flowers.
Sighted a Swamp Wallaby near the house this week. They are rather timid animals and hop away at great speed when disturbed. Their behaviour is different to our Grey Kangaroos. They tend to adopt a very relaxed attitude to the presence of humans.

Garden Diary