Week 4 December 2016: Rain = 11 millimetres.



Not a lot of outside work undertaken in this Christmas week. We had some of our family visit this week with more visits next week. A great time was had by all with evidence of Santaís sleigh landing near our front verandah and lots of presents.

The large mown area, to the north of the house, was used for various ball games. We also took a walk into the depths of our woodland in search of koalas. Unfortunately the expedition was unsuccessful.

We also watched the Boxing Day test match between Australia and Pakistan. Australia had an unlikely win.

Some vegetables were picked for our Christmas lunch which was prepared by our son and daughter-in-law.

We found time to do some potting on including struck cuttings of Correa Dusky Bells, Kunzea bracteolata and Boronia denticulata.

Wildlife observation: A small flock of White-naped Honeyeaters was observed visiting one of our bird baths. Our son, at his home in Sydney, has a splendid passionfruit vine that, in season, is often covered with fruit. Unfortunately this seasonís crop came to naught. Sulphur-crested Cockatoos moved in and ate all the green fruit. In future the vine will have to be netted.


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