Week 4 December 2015:


We are still away this week. Early in the week we travelled to our youngest daughter and her families place. They live in western Sydney. They bought a new barbeque and we helped assemble it. We also helped with buying meat etc for Christmas lunch at a large local market.

At night we walked around their suburb and viewed the Christmas lights. Some were a trifle over the top and must have taken days to assemble.

On Christmas Day all the family got together for lunch. The new barbeque was put to good use. A very pleasant time was had by all.

We couldnít escape a bit of gardening. We planted one of our Goodenia decurrens in their front garden.

Later in the week we travelled to our son and families place. They live in northern Sydney. During our stay we played cricket with our son and grandchildren.

They have a very attractive Grevillea Bush Lemons with large, bright yellow flowers. This is one of a range of sub tropical hybrids. Most of these would struggle in our frosty garden. We put in about six of our plants in one of their front gardens. They have a large raspberry clump in their back garden. They originally came from our garden and have done very well in our sonís garden. We dug up some suckers for our place.  Our raspberries have suffered from hungry kangaroos. Although protected by netting the kangaroos push it down to feed on the prickly canes.

During our visit we ordered a 50 m length of electrified wire netting and a solar energiser on Ebay. The netting has 10 electrified wires. Hopefully this will keep the macropods at bay otherwise we will have to give up growing vegetables.

Our son also has a very vigorous passionfruit vine that is yielding a large number of tasty fruit. We took some with us as well as cutting material. We have a good vine growing on our front verandah but we feel that you cannot have too many passionfruit vines.

Our son and family also bought a barbeque at this time. On New Years Eve we tied up two chickens and they were cooked on the BBQís rotisserie. They cooked beautifully.

We didnít stay up to see the New Year in but at midnight we were woken up by lots of noise including exploding fireworks.


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