Week 4 December 2014: Rain = 28 millimetres for the week and an amazing 171 millimetres for the month (average = 88 millimetres).

Happy Christmas One and All

At the beginning of the week mowing was the order of the day. Firstly we mowed around the house with the hand mower. Two barrow loads of clippings were collected. They will be composted. Next we mowed around our road and the large area in front of the house with our ride-on mower. Last time we mowed was in January. With all the rain the mowing interval will be shorter next time.

We watered our plastic house using grey water also early in the week. We also planted capsicum and dwarf bean seedlings in our vegetable beds.

On Christmas Eve our eldest daughter and family arrived to spend Christmas with us. Our other two children and their families are overseas. We had a very enjoyable festive season with them. We were confined inside for a few days because of the rain but no one was complaining.

We managed to watch some of the cricket test.

Our son-in-law and grandson helped to plant 14 plants in the new section across the road from our north garden. These were the first plants to go into this section.

Wildlife observations: A 15 centimetres long Copper-tailed Skink walked past the patio. A number of Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoos spent some time in a Hakea eriantha plant breaking open the woody fruits to extract the winged seeds. A Swamp Wallaby spent some time on our mown area one afternoon. Our Willie Wagtails hatched their three eggs in the nest near our back door. This is the third clutch of babies they have raised this spring and summer.


Garden Diary