Week 4 December 2012: Rain = 31 millimetres. Very welcome rain as the warm weather is approaching.

Happy Christmas to our readers

  On the first day of the week we set up the watering system for our plants in tubes as we are spending Christmas with our children in Gosford and Sydney. This will be the first time for decades that we have spent Christmas away from the Northern Tablelands.

The next five days were spent celebrating Christmas with our children. An enjoyable time was had by everyone.

We travelled home on New Year’s Eve. On the way we received a call from Telstra. Our telephone cable was severely damaged from a lightning strike a fortnight ago. The technician suggested that we would be better off with a wireless system instead of relying on copper wire. The wireless signal was tested at the house and was found to be satisfactory. This will make us independent of copper wire and free from problems with lightning strikes.


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