Week 4 December 2011:    Rain = 10 millimetres.


We wish all our readers a Happy Christmas and a horticulturally successful New Year


All our family arrived this week and we spent a very pleasant Christmas period with them.

We still managed to find time for a few horticultural activities. We did some pruning, weeding and collected seeds of Acacia amoena and Acacia implexa. We also potted on struck cuttings of Correa Bicheno, Correa Pink Frost and seedlings of Allocasuarina diminuta and Hakea archaeoides.

Our Eucalyptus stricta plus Acacia implexa plants are flowering as is an Angophora costata. This is the second flowering of the Angophora.

In spring we sowed seeds of cucumber, pumpkin and zucchini together with new native plantings. This week we noticed that the zucchinis are almost ready to harvest. We have been picking fruits from our Alinta strawberry plants. The fruits are large and sweet. We would recommend this variety to strawberry lovers.

Amongst our Christmas presents were a Youngberry, Raspberry and a pot of Black Bean (Castanospermum australe) seedlings. The Black Beans form a miniature forest in their rectangular container.


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