Ute.JPG (58659 bytes)Week 4 December 2009:   Rain = 175 millimetres. A magnificent deluge. Our tank is full and the dams are overflowing. As far as water is concerned we have gone from famine to feast.

By the way a Happy Christmas to our readers. We hope your week was as happy as ours. Not only because of the drought-breaking rain but all our children and grandchildren spent the Christmas period at Yallaroo. So this week has two highlights.

Very little horticultural activity this week. The day before the rain all the family went for a walk to the Gwydir River, west of Yallaroo. There was only a trickle of water in the river but enough for the grandchildren to splash around. If we had gone the next day then we would probably have been washed away.

A large body of water went down the river. There was so much water that a vehicle was washed off the crossing east of Yallaroo on the way to Armidale. Fortunately the driver escaped but the vehicle, a Commodore utility, finished up 500 metres down the water course as scrap metal (see image).

Planting and propagating will continue apace next week.


Garden Diary