Week 4 December 2007: Rain =15mm Total for month = 112.5mm Average = 88mm


Happy Christmas Everyone!


This Christmas was very quiet. We had a few days off from gardening but were back into “grovelling” in the gravel after Boxing Day. We dug holes, planted and mulched in various gardens.

A number of plants were flowering during the Christmas period. They included: Acacia subulata, Melaleuca gibbosa, Melaleuca radula and Pomaderris nitidula.

There are lots of Jackie Lizards in the garden at present. This time last year they were very thin on the ground.

Last October we purchased various Hakea seeds from the Nindethana Seed Service. This week we decided to try some more species. Since October their Hakea list has increased by 22 species. Amongst these new additions are some interesting New South Wales Hakeas.

We used our new push mower this week. We are accumulating a small mountain of grass clippings. We are considering acquiring a Tumbleweed Composter to make compost out of the clippings.

A few months ago we collected some Acacia cognata cuttings from friends’ garden in Tamworth. This week we potted on some struck cuttings of this graceful wattle.

We have been keeping a tally of the number of plants that have gone into the ground. From mid-November to this week 212 plants have found homes in our gardens.

This week we found a Callitris endlicheri seedling near our gate. We planted a number of this native conifer, in the vicinity, over ten years ago. We were very pleased to see this seedling and hopefully more Callitris seeds will germinate.

New on the Site: Melaleuca gibbosa and Pomaderris nitidula.


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