Week 4 December 2005: Rain = 2mm
Seasonís Greetings to all our readers.
Eucalyptus prava, Orange Gum, is one of the seven species native to Yallaroo. This week this attractive Eucalypt burst into bloom.
Two other Yallaroo natives are flowering well. Both Dipodium punctatum and Thysanotus tuberosus are flowering amongst the grasses and other herbaceous plants.
We spent some time inside early this week. Our children and their families are visiting over Christmas so there was a large tidy-up inside. Later in the week they all arrived. At one stage there were ten people in residence at Yallaroo.
We received two horticultural Christmas presents. Our son gave us some Wollemi Pine cuttings from a specimen growing in a garden that he maintains. The other present was two solar-powered pond pumps. The pumps are powered by small, very efficient solar panels. Both cuttings and pumps were welcome presents.
An Acacia uncinata, in one garden, has large buds. This wattle should burst into bloom in the near future. A Melaleuca radula has flowered again for the second time since spring.
Our visitors have generated plenty of grey water. We had some very hot weather at the end of the week so the grey water was a welcome Christmas present for our new plants.
Swallows have been using a mud nest on our front verandah. This week four young swallows took flight.

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