Week 4 December 2002: A Merry Christmas and a horticulturally successful New Year to all our readers.
25 mm rain this week. Some nearby areas received over 100 mm in the same period. The drought may be breaking.
Installed another tap in our Lawn Garden. This addition will make the watering of new plants easier.
Red-browed Finches and Eastern Spinebills are very busy in the Clematis vines on our back patio. They may be checking the vines for nest building.
All our family (except those overseas) arrived this week including our new grandson. Gardening activities will be taking a back seat for a week or so.
Managed to spend some time compiling a list of “Backyard Eucalypts”. These are Eucalypts small enough to be accommodated in the average suburban garden. The list will be circulated to interested listeners to our fortnightly radio programme. Please send an email if you would like the species list. (yallaroo@bluepin.net.au) We intend to produce more specialized lists this year. Eventually the will be incorporated into our web site.

Garden Diary