Week 4 August 2017: No rain again this week. This is the 3rd week without rain. The total for August: 21 millimetres. Average = 51 millimetres.

This week we found three seedling peaches in our worm farm. We potted them onto tubes. Some years ago we grew a seedling peach. The fruits produced by this plant are delicious.

One morning we sprinkled crushed up egg shells on one of our vegetable beds. This is supposed to build up the calcium level in the soil.

Grevillea Apricot Charm, G. teretifolia and G. vestita are flowering. The plum in our orchard is also blooming bounteously. This is probably a Santa Rosa plum.

We potted on rooted cuttings of Grevillea diminuta. This is a small shrub that is rather shy to flower in our garden.

This week 12 tubes went into our newest garden.

We having been learning about the new Australian Plant Society web site and writing articles for the site. So far we have over 200 articles plus photos on the site: http://austplants.com.au/

This week we bought three cherry tomato plants from our ALDI store. We bought one last season and we were pleasantly surprised by the quantity of fruit this plant produced. We took cuttings of this plant and have these plants in our propagating unit ready to plant in the vegetable garden when the weather becomes warmer.


Garden Diary