Week 4 August 2016: Rain = 69 millimetres. The rain fell over three days. Both dams overflowed. It is years since our small dam overflowed. Water is seeping out of the ground everywhere. Driving into town, on our shopping day, the three creeks that are between Yallaroo and Armidale were all full to overflowing. There are now bridges over these creeks. A few years ago there were only causeways. If this had been the case now we would not have been able to drive into Armidale. Some roads in Armidale were closed and flooded.

On our shopping day we bought an Epson printer at our local Harvey Norman store. We always get a good deal on any Harvey Norman purchases. The printer will replace a printer of another brand. This printer failed in less than three years use. We think that we should have had more service out of this printer. We have taken the matter up with NSW Fair Trading.

We will now concentrate on happier events. We assembled another of our metal vegetable beds. This means that there is only one to go.

We planted 15 tubes and mulched some of our earlier plantings. We also moved some sheets of corrugated iron to this new garden. As the weeds covered by the iron die we will start digging more holes.

We have now cleared all the corrugated iron from our vegetable area. Some went to the new garden and the rest was stockpiled to use on other projects. The sheets of iron were originally laid on the boundary of the vegetable area to kill the weeds and grass where we are going to erect the electric fence. This is now going to happen in the new future.

This week we potted on seedling Callitris oblonga and rooted cuttings of Grevillea oldei. We now have a number of G. oldei plants hopefully some will survive.

Wildlife observations: Our flock of White-winged Choughs are still seen and heard on a regular basis. One day three Red-necked Wallabies spent some time feeding and resting just across the road from our front verandah. One had a small joey in her pouch. The Spiny-cheeked Honeyeaters are still around. This week we counted three. They spend a lot of time in a Grevillea Splendour that is in full flower. Obviously the blooms are full of nectar.


Garden Diary