Week 4 August 2015: 66.5 millimetres.

This was marvellous and fell over two days. Tank full, garden refreshed runoff into the dams and now nicely set up for spring.

Potting on continued this week with Asterolasia sp, Grevillea Mount Tamboritha, Olearia tenuifolia and Eremophila Thundercloud going into tubes.

We have a bush lemon growing in the garden. The plant is carrying lots of lemons. One day we picked eight lemons and made marmalade.

Butternut pumpkin seeds are germinating in our worm farm. This week we potted on some seedlings into thumb pots. They will be planted in a vegetable bed in spring.

Friends live east of Yallaroo and are moving from their property. They have a beautiful garden with both natives and exotics. One morning we visited and collected a bag of cuttings including eremophilas and correas.

This week our house pump started to leak. We could not repair to pump so it was disconnected and taken to Armidale for repair. The job was done in a few hours so we were only without water for a short period. Armidale Pumps and Irrigation are an excellent company and provide an excellent service for repairs.

We dug holes, planted 25 tubes and mulched the plants.

Wildlife observation: Last year Yellow-faced Honeyeaters built a nest in the Lilly Pilly near our back door. Over the past couple of days Eastern Spinebills have been taking material from this old nest to build their own. This is the ultimate in recycling.


Garden Diary