Week 4 August 2014: Rain = 18 millimetres. This month’s total = 53 mm. Monthly average = 51 mm.

Not much potting on this week. We did pot on some struck cuttings of Prostanthera nivea var induta.

Planting did continue with 25 plants going into our Northern Garden. Some vegetable seeds were also planted in this garden. They include zucchinis and butternut pumpkins. Last year we had great success planting vegetable seeds with the natives. We also did some weeding in this garden. We are slowly winning the war against weeds in this garden.

Unfortunately during last summer a large Grevillea Poorinda Queen expired. This week we removed most of this dead plant. It is firmly fixed in the ground so we have left a trunk. We will probably grow a vine over this remnant. We also removed other plants that expired last summer. This has created some open areas with room for new plants.

This week we potted on the Blueberry Nellie Kelly purchased last week in a ceramic pot on our deck. We used a 50/50 mix of pine bark and potting mix formulated for acid-loving plants. We now have two blueberries on our deck. The other one is Blueberry Burst. We have wire netting around both plants. This is to deter our kangaroos from eating the blueberry foliage.

We sowed bean and radish seeds in one of our vegetable beds. Both seeds were sown in the one row.

A Hakea multilineata is in full flower. This is one of many attractive hakeas from Western Australia.

Some wildlife sightings: Two Swamp Wallabies spent some time near the front verandah one morning. A Spiny-cheeked Honeyeater visited some Grevillea arenaria plants near our gate. A pair of Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoos searched for borers in the branches of one of our stringybarks. A Bronze Cuckoo is spending time in the garden waiting for the spring nesting season to begin. Two large rafts of frog spawn appeared in our big pond.


Garden Diary