Week 4 August 2013: No rain recorded this week.

Spent time this week using grey water on our newer plantings. The garden is rather dry. We certainly need some decent rain. There seems to be a lack of rain in many areas.

This week we prepared the cuttings that we collected on our trip to Coffs Harbour plus all the cuttings taken from our purchased plants. Speaking of cuttings we potted on struck cuttings of two Correa species, Eremophila denticulata and a Kunzea species.

We dug over two of our raised vegetable beds this week ready for planting spring vegetables. Also planted seedling beetroot seedlings in a vegetable bed.

Our Hakea pycnoneura plant is in full flower. This beautiful species has flowers similar to those of the better known Hakea petiolaris. This is this plantís first flowering. Our Dodonaea boroniifolia plants are carrying bright red capsules.

During our shopping day we purchased a ground covering form of Grevillea pinaster. Cuttings are already prepared.

A couple of wildlife events this week. One morning a Bronze Cuckoo crashed into one of our windows. Fortunately the bird was only stunned. After allowing its photo to be taken the Cuckoo flew off. Two small frogs have taken up residence in our propagating unit. The frogs probably appreciate the humidity and warmth.

This week we made up potting mix that is used when potting on rooted cuttings and seedlings into tubes.

We freed up 25 tubes this week when their plants went into our new garden.


Garden Diary