Week 4 August 2012: Rain = 17 millimetres

Our Eucalyptus albens (White Box) trees are in full flower and flocks of Wattle Birds and Rainbow Lorikeets are constant visitors.

Planting continued this week. The total = 43 plants. We also bought some plants. A trip to Bunnings resulted in the purchase of two punnets of strawberries and a punnet of Rainbow Chard. We also planted some snow peas in one of our vegetable rings. The rings were made from the cut up frame of an above ground swimming pool. After three years they are starting to rust out and will need replacing in the near future. Bunnings have raised timber vegetable beds for $49. These will probably replace the present raised rings.

We put in some star pickets in the garden this week. We will string wire between them to support our raspberry plants that are starting to shoot.

Spring is fast approaching with many wattles flowering and a number of small lizards appearing after their winter hibernation.

One of our hakeas is in full flower. This is the pink-flowered form of Hakea decurrens. Branches are covered with bright pink flowers.

Two Willie Wagtails have appeared again, in the garden, after an absence of a couple of months. Hopefully they will nest this spring as they did last year.


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