Week 4 August 2011: Rain = 28 millimetres. This was a very satisfying weekly rainfall. Soil moisture level was topped-up and more water flowed into our house tank.

This week two of our Hakeas made their presence felt by bursting into bloom. Hakea lissocarpha is a Western Australian native. The plants are covered with white, scented flowers.  Our Hakea decurrens Pink Lace plants are also in full flower. This prickly specimen is one of our favourite Hakeas. At this time of the year each branch is covered with bright pink flowers.

Some of our fruits trees are also blooming bounteously. Three plum trees are a picture. Hopefully there will be an edible result from the flowering.

Planting continued this week with 21 plants finding homes in the garden. They were planted in a new area. This time one plant went onto each hole with less than 75 centimetres between each hole and with the same distance between each planting row. We also planted a dwarf bean seed in a few holes. The area, of this garden, is about 20 square metres. About 80 plants will fit in this garden.

We took time off from gardening one morning and travelled to the Blue Hole area east of Armidale. This is part of the Oxley Wild Rivers National Park and is a popular picnic spot. We went on a short bushwalk. There is not a great plant variety in Blue Hole area. The dominant shrub was the local form of the green-flowered Correa reflexa.

This week we received a copy of the comprehensive Garden Express catalogue. Plenty of interesting native plants in the catalogue but we ordered two strawberry planter bags. The bags accommodate a number of strawberry plants and we will hang them from the roof of our patio. Each bag comes with five strawberry plants.


Garden Diary