Week 4 August 2009:   Rain = 12 millimetres

More early mornings watching the cricket and seeing Australia lose the Ashes.

Some flowerings this week: the pink-flowering form of Hakea sericea, Melaleuca micromera, Prostanthera aspalathoides, Grevillea acropogon and Grevillea semperflorens are all in full flower.

One day this week we saw an Echidna (Spiny Anteater) near our back patio. We have noticed lots of digging near some of our garden beds where the Echidna has been active.

On our regular shopping trip we bought more fish for our tropical aquarium. We now have about 20 fish in the tank. As well as buying fish we also picked up an l-shaped computer desk. This came in a flat pack and when assembled will replace our small desk that has given good service for many years. It is now too small and the new desk will allow use to centralise both our computer work and writing.

Potted on some struck cuttings this week including Correa Flared Bells.

A TAFE horticultural class visited one morning this week. We talked about plant propagation and planting methods.

We also visited one of our neighbours and came away loaded up with Red Gauntlet Strawberries and Rhubarb plants. Later in the week we planted them all in one of our vegetable rings. We also put bird netting over two of the rings to protect the plants from birds, kangaroos and wallabies.


Garden Diary