Five_cockies.JPG (22228 bytes)Week 4 August 2006: Rain = 8mm. Total for August = 13mm. Average =
This week two Hakea multilineata plants flowered. This is another Hakea species that has flowered in our gardens. We have at least 15 species at Yallaroo.
Hakea lissocarpha is another species that is flowering. At one time we thought that this specimen was Hakea costata. One closer examination our plant is the former rather than the latter species.
A small Senna artemisioides has also flowered. This specimen was only planted about one month ago. The Australian members of the Senna genus used to be known as Cassia. This is a very colourful group of native plants and we intend planting more species.
Spring is just around the corner and the gardens and surrounding bushland are a blaze of flowering Wattles. We are cultivating many species and consequently there will be a progression of Wattle blooms as not all species bloom at the same time.
We have two specimens of Dodonaea boroniifolia, a Native Hopbush, developing fruits. The flowers of the Hopbushes are insignificant but the three-cornered fruits are often extremely eye-catching. Dodonaea boroniifolia has bright red fruits that stand out in the garden.   
We used plenty of grey water on our new garden beds this week. Our grey water has been a plant saver during the present protracted dry spell.
Planting has continued briskly. This week nine plants went into the ground.
A pair of Grey Thrushes may be building a nest in one of our Clematis vines that are hiding one of the uprights on our back patio. Thrushes have nested around our house for the last four years.
A flock of Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoos were around this week. We were lucky enough to see five perched in one of our dead trees (see image).
This week we potted on a number of struck cuttings of a prostrate form of Banksia integrifolia. The cutting had very strong root systems. We do not usually have success with Banksia cuttings.
We were involved with some edible exotics this week. We potted on some dwarf beans into 20 centimetre pots. Last year we did very well growing beans in pots.
New on the site this week: Hakea multilineata, Dodonaea boroniifolia and Flinders Ranges National Park.

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