Week 4 August 2005: No rain recorded.
This week we were away from Yallaroo. We did our usual round trip and visited our children. Firstly we travelled to Mittagong, on the Southern Highlands , and stayed with our son for a few days. One day was spent visiting relatives on the South Coast . During our stay we found a large Acacia cognata growing on the nature strip around the corner from our sonís place. We did some judicious pruning and collected some cuttings.
From Mittagong we travelled to Westmead, in western Sydney , and spent a night with one of daughterís and her family.
Next we drove to Gosford and spent the rest of the week staying with our eldest daughter and her family. Their property shares a boundary with a bushland reserve. All our family spent the weekend here. They presented us with a large collage of family photos mounted in a timber frame that they had made. This historic photo collection became an instant family heirloom. Our eldest daughter also assembled a PowerPoint presentation using our scanned family photos.
Whilst at Gosford, our son-in-law told us about the discovery of a population of a rare ground orchid. Diuris bracteata was presumed to be extinct until two populations were found north of Sydney . This new population should help to ensure the survival of the species.
Bird life is plentiful around our familyís Gosford house. Brush Turkeys wander through their garden; many honeyeaters visit a planted Grevillea aspleniifolia and we sighted a Yellow Robin near their clothesline.
During the week we managed to visit the Gosford Japanese Gardens . The gardens have a Japanese theme but incorporate a number of native plants.
We went on a family bushwalk one morning. Saw some interesting plants including Grevillea buxifolia, Podolobium ilicifolium, Trochocarpa laurina and many Clematis vines.
A full week was concluded with a visit to our grand daughterís school. The children put on a series of musical items. An enjoyable time was had by all.

Garden Diary