Week 4 August 2004: Rain = 31.5mm.

This week we started to plant Eucalypts in what we call our Vine Garden. This garden acquired the name because originally we grew Boysenberries in this area. We are planting two or three of the same species, in the same hole, to create a mallee effect.

Near our back patio we have a number of Palm Lilies (Cordyline species) growing. They are becoming rather straggly so this week they were pruned off just above ground level. We are confident that they will sprout again from the roots. As added insurance we are keeping our fingers crossed.

Birds are beginning to nest at Yallaroo. We found a Red-browed Finchís nest in a Blackthorn (Bursaria) this week. A pair of Grey Thrushes has occupied a nest that they used last year. This nest is in our Banana Passionfruit vine against our shed. We donít think that they did any renovating before taking up residence.

We also saw a Topknot Pigeon perched on our power line. Although they are common throughout the Northern Tablelands, they rarely visit Yallaroo.

The Australian Plant Society mounted a Wattle display at the Armidale Markets at the end of the week. This was to celebrate Wattle Day (1st September). We contributed sprigs of Wattle from the garden. We dropped off our contribution at another local native garden. They are growing Acacia Scarlet Blaze. This strange mutation was discovered in bushland in Victoria. The flowers are about one centimetre in diameter and an eye-catching scarlet colour. This is another plant that we need to add to our collection.

Speaking of Wattles, our Acacia flexifolia plants are in full flower. This is one of our favourite native plants.

Our big news this week is that we took delivery of a new car. It is a blue Hyundai Elantra. This is our third Hyundai vehicle. We find that they are very reliable and good value for money.

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