Week 4 August 2002: Some welcome rain this week, 32mm in total. Our tank is overflowing and the garden has been refreshed. The rain has not broken the drought but was very welcome.
We have started to supply native plant information to the local Australian Broadcasting Corporation web site. Every week we will supply an image, information and a mini-interview about a local native plant. http://www.abc.net.au/newengland
There are lots of Grey Kangaroos on our lawn. During the drought they have been eating the foliage of Correa glabra and our citrus plants. Hopefully the rain will encourage the grass to grow and take the pressure off our plants.
We have plenty of Acacias flowering. Even during this dry time they are still managing to bloom bounteously. We have a number of specimens of Acacia flexifolia and this week they are a picture. Due to the drought they have flowered four weeks later than in other years.
Spent some time scanning photos from our United Kingdom trip. Eventually these images and text will appear in our Environment section.
Some Yellow-faced Honeyeaters are feeding on the nectar of Grevillea rosmarinifolia var. lutea. This variety of the well-known Rosemary Grevillea has survived and thrived during our dry and frosty conditions.
We started planting again in our Lawn Garden. We have a large backlog of plants ready for planting.
What’s New?   Eucalyptus prava and Prostanthera var. induta in our Plants section.

Garden Diary