Week 4 April 2017:   Rain = 26 millimetres. This very welcome rain fell over two days.

On the first Saturday of the week we did our tri-weekly talkback gardening programme on the local ABC radio network. We had a couple of calls this week. For every programme we prepare labelled photos that are placed on the ABC New England Northwest Facebook page. We are going to have a Facebook page in the near future. The page will be called “A View from Yallaroo” and will complement our web site.

We are still picking heaps of strawberries as well as capsicums and passionfruit.

This week we planted 11 tubes in the garden north of the house. The plants in this garden are progressing very well. Hundreds of plants have gone into this garden with the majority doing very well.

This week we sowed radish, turnip, parsnip and leek seeds in our vegetable area.

Struck cuttings of Grevillea Splendour and G. willisii were potted on. Some time ago we lost a large G. willisii and we thought that that was the only specimen in the garden. Fortunately we found another plant and its progeny will ensure that this interesting species continues to populate the garden.

We have been using our Kindle e-readers for a couple of weeks and are amazed by the range of books available spanning all subjects. This week we ordered some puzzle books and books dealing with the history of the Victorian era. Also on a literary note we are looking forward to the opening of the Armidale Library’s new premises on the first of May.

This week we noticed that ALDI will be selling log splitters at a reasonable price. We have some difficulty splitting the wood of White Box (Eucalyptus albens) because it is so dense. We decided to buy a log splitter. Unfortunately we arrived at the store too late on the sale day and missed out. We noticed that Bunnings have a similar log splitter but were $200 more than the ALDI model. When looking at the Bunnings web site we noticed that their log splitter had been reduced in price by a staggering $240 putting it a dollar cheaper than the ALDI one. We wasted no time in ordering one. This is probably an example of the power of commercial competition.

Wildlife observations: One morning we noticed a Blue-banded Bee burrowing into a flower on our passionfruit vine. The bee had flown off by the time we grabbed the camera. A large flock of choughs visited Yallaroo one day this week. These large birds are not only seen but heard. They have a range of calls. Some are melodious whilst others are a trifle raucous. One afternoon three Eastern Rosellas spent some time in one of our eucalypts. At Yallaroo they are not as common as Crimson Rosellas.


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