Week 4 April 2016: No rain this week.

This Saturday we did our three-weekly talkback gardening programme on the local ABC radio network. We had six calls during the programme. This was a very satisfying response.

This week we picked our last pumpkins and zucchinis for the season. In the near future we will be putting up our electric fence around the vegetable garden. This will be to deter our resident macropods from feasting on our vegetables. We hope to get the fence up before the spring growing season.

We potted on a number of struck cuttings this week including: Correa lawrenciana, Prostanthera striatiflora, and Veronica arenaria. We also potted on seedling Acacia handonis. This is small wattle that comes from a small near area in southern Queensland. The species is rare and threatened. We planted 12 tubes this week.

Our Melaleuca macrorhyncha is flowering.

This week we cut up a fallen dead eucalypt for firewood. The tree probably yielded enough firewood to last the winter.

We finally assembled the two drum rotary composter that we purchased a few weeks ago from the local ALDI store.

Wildlife observations: Early one morning we found that a kangaroo joey had fallen into our big pond. It was too small to clamber out. The joey allowed me to lift it out of the pond. Mum was standing by and cleaned up its offspring. Our last sighting was the two kangaroos hopping off into the sunrise.

On another morning five White-winged Choughs spent time on the mown area near our front verandah. Two of the birds had a drink out of a birdbath.


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