Week 4 April 2014: No rain this week

After our Easter visitors we settled back to our usual routine. Plenty of cuttings have taken root and are awaiting our attention. Those potted on included: Grevillea miqueliana, Prostanthera striatiflora, Correa lawrenciana, Grevillea Lemon Twist, Grevillea jephcottii, Prostanthera ovalifolia variegated form, Prostanthera sejuncta, Grevillea semperflorens and Grevillea evansiana.

Towards the end of the week another relative visited for a few days. No grandchildren this time so things were a trifle quieter.

One of our daughters finalised the purchase of a house in Sydney also at the end of the week. All our children now have houses in the Sydney region.

A number of plants burst into bloom this week including: Acacia flexifolia, Olearia elliptica, Hakea verrucosa and Hakea laurina.  The wattle usually flowers in late June. We normally regard this species as a herald of spring.

On our regular shopping day we visited an Armidale second hand book shop and came across a copy of the latest edition of the John Wrigley’s Australian Native Plants for only $55. The volume is now part of our reference library.

One afternoon we had a visit from a friend who collected cutting material for the Armidale Tree Group. We always have plenty to talk about both environmentally and horticulturally

Plenty of wildlife observations this week including: a White-faced Heron near our dam, a pair of Flame Robins, the usual flock of Choughs, a Brown Treecreeper, Double-barred Finches and Red Browed Finches. The finches were feeding on grass seeds. Also Crimson Rosellas deflowering a Correa glabra plant to extract the nectar. A pair of King Parrots visited our seed feeder and the usual flock of Blue Wrens were feeding around the house. We are always heartened by the number and variety of birds that visit and live in our garden.

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