Week 4 April 2013:   No rain again this week. This month we only measured 7.5 millimetres. The monthly average is 46 millimetres.

A Little Grebe spent some time on our big dam this week. These small water birds are frequent visitors to this body of water.

Early in the week, during our shopping day, we picked up two timber vegetable beds from Bunnings. The beds were paid for with a gift card we received from our Canberra friends for Christmas. This was a very welcome gift.

Whilst speaking of our Canberra friends. One afternoon we visited them at their property east of Yallaroo. During their visits they are planting a wide range of plants. This time we were given two Acacia diphylla plants that they had propagated from cuttings. This was a pleasing result from their propagating efforts.

We observed a flock of Brown-headed Honeyeaters in a Eucalyptus prava near our front gate. They appeared to be feeding on lerps on the leaves of the tree. A lerp is a structure of crystallized honeydew produced by larvae of small insects as a protective cover. This is a first as far as we are concerned. We havenít seen this avian behaviour before.

A flock of ten Choughs visited the mown area in front of the house one morning. They are infrequent visitors to Yallaroo.

This was a big planting week with 49 plants going into various gardens.

This season our pomegranate tree produced masses of large fruit. This week we started to harvest them. The seeds are surrounded by a juicy pulp. We harvest the seed and pulp by cutting the pomegranates under water in a large bowl. The bowl contents are strained through a colander, dried and stored in the freezer.

We found a Eucalyptus badjensis and a red-flowered form of Prostanthera aspalathoides blooming this week.

A while ago we were given a packet of fresh Flannel Flower (Actinotus helianthi) seeds. They were sown in a punnet in our propagating unit and this week eight seeds germinated. Hopefully we will be able to bring them to maturity.


Garden Diary