Week 4 April 2012: Rain = 37 millimetres     More splendid precipitation. With the onset of cooler weather and low evaporation the garden will be fine for the next four months or so.

Not a lot of horticultural activity this week because of the wet conditions.  We managed to find homes in the garden for 24 plants.

We moved some sheets of corrugated iron to a new area. We will be digging holes, in the exposed area, ready for planting.

We managed to accomplish some potting on. Some struck cuttings of a pink-flowered form of Prostanthera lasianthos were potted on. These cuttings came from a plant near Apsley Falls, east of Walcha. Prostanthera lasianthos is common in the area but, as far as we know, there is only one plant with pinkish flowers. Seedlings of Allocasuarina diminuta and passionfruit were also potted on. Allocasuarina diminuta comes from the Pilliga Scrub in central New South Wales. We now have passionfruit plants, struck cuttings and seedlings that will have to be planted. We are looking at sites close to the house.

Speaking of edible plants. This week we picked two large pumpkins that have matured in one of our newer gardens. The pumpkin seeds were sown when we planted out the area with natives. We also sowed cucumber and zucchini seeds at the same time. All were very successful.


Garden Diary