Week 4 April 2011: No rain this week.

Planting total = 42 plants

This week Hakea laurina and Hakea nodosa were in full flower. We were pleased to find a specimen of Hakea nodosa. We thought that we had lost this species. We frequently find surprises like this in the garden.

We potted on more struck cuttings this week. Including in our propagating successes were native raspberries, Grevillea wilkinsonii and Prostanthera striatiflora. We found a native raspberry plant a few weeks ago near our northern boundary fence and took cuttings. Many years ago we made raspberry jam from fruits we collected when living and working in New England National Park.

Last year we bought some Water Chestnut corms. They have been growing well in 15 centimetre pots sitting in a few centimetres of water. This week we potted one plant on into a much larger pot. On examination we found the plant had produced many tasty corms. We will harvest them when the plants die down in winter and keep some for next seasons planting.

Our local Kmart store has a large garden section and sells a range of native and exotic plants in ten centimetre round pots for $4. This week we bought a Grevillea sericea from this $4 range. The plant was a reasonable size and of course we took cuttings from the specimen.


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