Week 4 April 2008: Rain = 22mm

The rain was very welcome and brought the garden back to life. Many of our Prostantheras (Mint Bushes) had become very relaxed. They became invigorated by the precipitation.

Our new propagating unit is starting to pay for itself. This week we potted on a number of struck cuttings including: Grevillea Allyn Radiance, Callistemon formosus and Grevillea semperflorens. We also potted on a number of seedling Allocasuarina grampiana. This is a handsome tree has foliage that is similar to the exotic Blue Spruce and has great horticultural potential.

Digging holes and planting continued in the new Triangle Garden, about 80 metres east of our house. This will be a large garden that will absorb many plants.

As well as plants we also brought back some cuttings from our trip to the Southern Highlands of New South Wales. Some of these were from a cultivated Goodenia macmillanii. This week one cutting produced a flower. The bloom is pink with purple streaks and perfumed. This may be the only Goodenia with perfumed flowers. We hope that the cuttings produce roots.

Some time ago we bought a Dianella prunina “Utopia” plant. This cultivar has attractive blue/purple foliage. This week we divided the plant into six new plants.

This week two Little Grebes took up residence in our Big Dam. Hopefully they will make this water feature their home.

This week we emptied our Tumbleweed Composter. We finished up with a large wheelbarrow load of compost. The composter took about six weeks to change grass clippings, vegetable scraps and paper into crumbly compost. The Composter is being filled with the next load of clippings etc.

New on the Site: Goodenia macmillanii and Grevillea semperflorens.


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