Week 4 April 2006: Rain = 3.5mm Monthly total: 26.5mm Monthly average = 46mm
Winter is on the way. One day, this week, we had a light frost. No damage to any of our plants.
We used grey water on some of our new plantings. With the colder weather the evaporation rate is decreasing as is the need for watering.
There was some time spent moving sheets of corrugated iron from one section of our garden to a new section. The iron kills the grass and weeds and provides a bare canvas for planting.
One of our birdbaths is very popular with small native birds. This week a flock of Thornbills used the facility for bathing.
This week we ordered more sawdust for mulching. We have used sawdust for at least twenty years in a number of gardens. The material is inexpensive, easy to spread and reduces evaporation as well as inhibiting weed growth.
We noticed a Tree Creeper on the trunk of one of our Eucalypts. These medium-sized native birds feed on insects and spiders that they find under the bark of Eucalypts.
Our tomatoes have been very successful this season. We have picked large numbers of organic fruit. This week we took some cuttings from the tomato plants. The idea is to see if we are able to keep plants going through winter in our hoop house.
Two Correas are flowering in our Middle Garden . Correa Mallee Pink and Correa pulchella have burst into bloom and should continue for many months.
On Sunday we went to the Armidale markets. This is thought to be one of the best monthly markets around. There were plenty of people selling native plants and heaps of exotics. We purchased a prostrate Banksia integrifolia, Grevillea beadleana and two long-leaved Eriostemon myoporoides also two Camellias as a Motherís Day present for one of our relatives.

Garden Diary