Week 4 April 2005: Still no precipitation.
From Gosford we travelled to Sydney to visit our other daughter and her family. They have just moved into a unit near Parramatta , west of Sydney .
We stayed for a few days and visited some places of interest. Firstly we travelled west to Prospect Reservoir. This Reservoir was constructed in 1888 and at that time was the largest dam in Australia . It is no longer the principal reservoir for the supply of Sydney ís water but still plays a role in the reticulation of this precious resource to Australia ís largest city.
We spent a day at the Royal Botanic Gardens in Sydney . This is a popular green oasis bordering Sydney Harbour . The Gardens are home to many historic trees and are also popular with lunch time joggers.
Near Parramatta there is a suburb known as Camellia. On this trip we discovered that the suburb was named after the Camellia Grove Nursery that was owned by Silas Sheather in the 1850ís. Silas is one of our ancestors. Perhaps we carry a horticultural gene inherited from Silas.
Another day was spent travelling from Parramatta to Sydney via ferry. These ferries are known as River Cats and travel regularly along the Parramatta River . This is certainly a pleasant way to travel.
On the way home we stopped at the Forestry Nursery at Muswellbrook. We usually visit this Nursery returning from Sydney . This time we purchased a large number of tubes including Eucalypts, Grevilleas and Hakeas.
At the end of the week a White-plumed Honeyeater flew into a lounge room window. Fortunately the bird was only stunned and flew off after we took a series of photographs. This was the first time that this species has visited Yallaroo. Hopefully its stunning experience will not preclude further visits. This is the 89th species that has visited Yallaroo in the last 11th years.

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