Week 4 April 2004: Rain this week= 32mm.
Our Correa garden is finally finished. It is providing a home to 90 Correas and assorted other native plants.
One of our Callistemon pallidus, near our Big Dam, is flowering. The bright yellow flowers light up the surrounding area.
We had a couple of propagating successes this week. We bought a small purple-foliaged Acacia baileyana a few months ago. We took one cutting and this week we found that it has produced a healthy root system. This has inspired us to try some cuttings of our prostrate Acacia baileyana.
The other success was with cuttings of a rare Asterolasia (a relative of the Correas). This species comes from an area near Tamworth, south of Armidale. There are only a few plants in the wild. We will be giving plants to other native plant enthusiasts to ensure that the species will survive.
Our phone was off the air this week. Fortunately Telstra repaired the fault just in time for our Saturday radio talkback garden programme.

Garden Diary