Week 4 April 2003: Rainfall was 120mm this month.
We spent four weeks on the coast with family members. Lots walking along the beach near the house we rented. Also visited a patch of rainforest near the beach.
Strange as it may seem, we visited a native nursery on the coast. A few plants were purchased including both ground covering and upright forms of Grevillea banksii.
On the way home we made the fatal mistake of visiting a monthly outdoor market. The plants at a couple of stalls were so healthy and so reasonably priced that we bought a few. Two Grevilleas, Pink Surprise and Honey Gem, Banksia robur and a purple flowering form of Eremophila glabra were amongst our purchases.
Our ride-on lawn mower was repaired this week so we were able to mow our lawn (?) area. After all the rain our native grasses plus a few weeds have leapt out of the ground.
Spent a morning at the University. They are developing an Indigenous Resource Use Garden. This garden will display plants used by Aboriginal people. We are donating some plants and giving advice on species propagation. This ongoing project will be a useful teaching aid for university students, school children and members of the public.

Garden Diary