Week 4 September 2017: No rain again.

One morning people from the local pet shop came and picked up our aquarium. We havenít keep fish in it for ages. We spent some time cleaning out the tank. They will use the aquarium in their shop.

We spent a long time packing the skip. It was filled to the brim and was taken away at the end of the week. We will need to get another one.

The solenoid on our propagating unit failed. One day this week we picked up a new one from the local pump shop. We fitted it one afternoon and now functions perfectly. We will dismantle the unit and take it with us when we leave.

One day, on a trip to town, we left another load of books and magazines at the Rotary Book Depot.

After this trip to town we visited our friends from Canberra at their place east of Yallaroo. A pleasant time was had by all.

Wildlife observations: A White-necked Heron was sighted near our big dam. Three swallows hatched from one of the nests on our verandah. A pair of Silvereyes discovered the ripe blueberries on our deck.


Garden Diary