Week 3 September 2016: Rain = 40 millimetres. Ground still saturated. Big dam overflowed again. Rain fell on almost every day this week.

This Saturday we had our ABC radio garden talkback programme. There has been a break of several weeks but now the programme is up and running again.

Also on the Saturday we had another garden visit. This time we hosted the Tamworth Group of the Australian Plant Society. A pleasant day was had by all and we were pleased to see a number of members collecting cuttings. We always welcome the taking of cuttings from the garden.

We potted on some dwarf beans. Once they progress, in their tubes, they will be planted into one of our vegetable beds. We are also sowing seeds of many other vegetables. We also planted some strawberry plants in a vegetable bed.

This week we bought two metal vegetable beds from the local ALDI store. We now have six metal beds. Another purchase, from ALDI, was an electric pressure cooker. Our present stove top pressure cooker is probably 40 years old.

The rain has triggered mass flowering of many grevilleas including G. anethifolia, G. Apricot Glow, G. Fireworks and G. Forest Rambler.

Wildlife observations: Thrushes are nesting again in our plastic house. This is at least the third time that they have nested here. We have some regenerated Grevillea arenaria plants near our gate. They are flowering and this week we sighted two White-naped Honeyeaters feeding on the nectar. Also our G. Apricot Glow, near the house, played host to a number of Eastern Spinebills.


Garden Diary