Week 3 September 2015: Rain = 7 millimetres.

This week we used our cordless Bosch hedge trimmer for the first time. We used it to trim back the vegetation along our road. The device worked very well and will have lots of use in the future.

The horticultural event of the week was finding four developing flower spikes on the Xanthorrhea (Grass-tree) near the house. This plant has produced one or two spikes in the past but never four.

Hakea purpurea, Acacia triptera, Leptospermum brevipes and Chorizema cordatum are all blooming bounteously this week.

This week twelve plants went into our northern garden. We started planting this garden on Boxing Day 2014. Up to this week over 300 plants have found homes in this garden. Not all have survived but a fair percentage are surviving and thriving.

This week we potted on Hakea gibbosa seedlings. We also potted on rooted cuttings of Prostanthera cuneata, Eremophila denticulata, Kunzea Badja Carpet, Hemiandra pungens, Grevillea iaspicula, Eremophila Dusky and Boronia heterophylla. We were particularly pleased to propagate the Boronia cuttings. These cuttings were from some plants bought on Ebay. The plants are very healthy and covered in buds. This is the first time that we have propagated this species.

Wildlife observations:  A pair of King Parrots was seen near our patio feeding on Myoporum flowers. The flowers have some nectar. The thrush nest, in our plastic house, has two baby thrushes. There was a Red-Necked Wallaby feeding beside our road one day this week.


Garden Diary