Week 3 September 2014: No rain again.

This week we had what may a propagation breakthrough. Persoonias (Geebungs) are difficult to propagate either by seed or cuttings. We collected some cutting material of P. myrtilloides subsp. cunninghamii in February this year. By July the cuttings had produced no roots. We read about double dipping hard to propagate cuttings. Both the base and top of the cutting are dipped in hormone solution. We tried this with the Persoonia cuttings in one thumb pot. This week we examined the cuttings and found a healthy root system on one cutting (see image). The other cuttings were replaced in the thumb pot. This may be just lucky result. We will be using this method with other Persoonia species and hope for the best.

This week we started picking broad beans and snow peas.

Our potting on continued with Tremandra stelligera, Craspedia species and Banksia ericifolia placed in tubes. The Banksia ericifolia cuttings were not treated with hormone. We have found that this species does not like hormone treatment. This is unlike the Persoonia mentioned above.

This week we purchased another timber vegetable bed from the local Bunning’s store. This makes number seven and we assembled the bed during the week. When we were at Bunnings we were pleasantly surprised to find that an embankment beside their parking area had been planted out with three Correa varieties. The plants are doing extremely well.

There was more spring flowering this week with Grevillea Old Gold, Grevillea Burgundy Beauty and Leptospermum laevigatum bursting into bloom.

A few wildlife observations this week: more Jacky and Skink Lizards are coming out of hibernation. We sighted a pair of Bronze Cuckoos just outside our gate. This was the first time we have noticed two cuckoos together.


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