Week 3 September 2012: Rain = 10.5 millimetres

On Saturday the Uralla Garden Club visited Yallaroo. About 30 members spent an afternoon wandering around the garden. We were pleased to see a number of members taking cuttings. We always suggest that visitors take away cuttings if they are interested in propagation. Our plants are big enough to cope with enthusiastic propagators.

Plenty of birds observed and heard this week. Wattlebirds, Noisy Friarbirds and Rainbow Lorikeets are both seen and heard as they feast on the nectar from the massive flowering of our Eucalyptus albens trees. This is the most prolific flowering for at least a decade.

Other birds seen but usually not heard were: White-naped Honeyeaters, Bronze Cuckoo, Silvereyes, Yellow-faced Honeyeaters, White-necked Heron, Willie Wagtails and Striated Pardalotes. We have three nesting boxes under the eaves for the Pardalotes. For some years they have favoured one but this year another pair was sighted investigating another box.

Other wildlife sightings were sundry Jacky Lizards and a Peronís Tree Frog resting on some plant tubes in our plastic house.

North of the house on the side of our circular drive we have a large meat ant nest. They have worn a track in the grass as they forage for food. One warm day this week we found the ants were very active and winged male and female ants were emerging from various holes in the nest and taking flight. The male ants are smaller than the females. Males outnumbered females by at least ten to one. We have never seen this swarming activity before.

No natives planted this week but we did put raspberries in an area reserved for these delicious fruits. Strawberries were also planted in one of our drums. Our Alinta strawberry plants are covered in flowers.


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