Week 3 September 2011: No rain this week

This week we continued working inside, rearranging our rooms and organising our reference library.

We received two strawberry bags plus plants from Garden Express this week. The bags will be hung on the frame of our old hoop house. Each bag will accommodate five strawberry plants. We will be interested in seeing if they crop as well as the illustrations that came with the bags.

We managed to do some outside work this work. We potted on seedlings of Hakea verrucosa, Acacia mabellae, Acacia polybotrya and Eucalyptus cinerea.

This week we saw Jacky Lizards and Skinks in the garden. They have come our of their winter hibernation.

We spent some time digging holes in one of our newer gardens. We have many plants waiting to find a home in the garden.

Two more wattles burst into bloom this week. Acacia montana and Acacia siculiformis are lighting up the garden with their yellow flowers. Our Melaleuca radula and Myoporum bateae plants are also flowering.

Last week our friends from Canberra visited Yallaroo. This week we visited the block that they have east of Yallaroo. They have embarked on a large planting programme and we enjoyed admiring their horticultural endeavours.


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