Week 3 September 2010: Rain = 17.5 millimetres

This week we planted some vegetable seedlings in our ring gardens and broccoli boxes. Silver beet, turnips and onions were planted.

We mulched a number of plants in one of our newer gardens. We have mentioned before that we planted a heap of plants without mulching as we went. This was a mistake because this omission allowed the weeds develop. Now we mulch each group as they are planted.

We have spent a good time of time over the last months preparing a relative’s house for sale. This week we spent two days doing the final clean before the new owner moves in. We will now have more time to pursue our horticultural activities.

Split what we hope is our last load of firewood for the season. Hopefully as the weather warms we will not have to light our fire.

The weather must be warming as this week we came across a number of Jacky Lizards in the garden. They have woken up from their winter hibernation.

The Quails are also becoming more active. This week we sighted a pair and also heard them calling in the undergrowth.

We put in some fig cuttings this week. We used two different treatments. One group was dipped in red Clonex hormone gel and the other group was dipped in Seradix hormone powder.

Last year we bought three types of raspberries. They sat in pots for many months and this week they were planted in our orchard.

There are a number of Hakea laurina plants in the garden. They usually flower prolifically but do not produce fruits. This week we noticed one plants has formed some fruits. When mature we will harvest them and plant the seeds. We will also attempt to grow this species from cuttings.

Whilst wandering through the garden we found a Hakea pachyphylla in full flower. This Hakea, from the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney, has yellow flowers, large, woody fruits and prickly foliage.


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