Week 3 September 2009:  No rain this week.

Digging holes and planting this week with 30 specimens planted.

Heaps of plants flowering towards the end of September including: Kunzea species from the Warrumbungles, Grevillea willisii, Westringias, Prostantheras, Leptospermum Cardwell, Olearia phlogopappa and Myoporum bateae. They are all blooming bounteously. We also found a Melaleuca quadrifaria in full flower. We donít know where we obtained this plant but it is a welcome addition to our gardens.

Spring has certainly arrived. This week we found a White-eared Honeyeater nest in a Westringia near the house.

Potted on some seedlings this week including Eucalyptus cunninghamii, the Cliff Mallee Ash. This is an attractive small Eucalypt from the upper Blue Mountains of New South Wales.

Spent some time watering our newer gardens from our grey water tank. This has proved to be a useful addition to the way we irrigate our plants.


Garden Diary