Week 3 September 2004: No rain this week.

Still digging holes, planting and mulching our Lawn Garden. We have nearly planted out this garden. There will be some replanting as a number of plants expired during the winter. The next project will be to extend our Correa Garden.

In the last section of the Lawn Garden we are building another cairn of rocks. Hopefully the Yallaroo lizards will soak up the morning sun, in summer, on this structure.

Heard some baby Yellow-faced Honeyeaters calling from a nest in one of our dense shrubberies. We are very pleased that the local small birds are making use of our native plantings.

Our visitors this week were from the South Coast. Dot is a very knowledgeable member of the Australian Plant Society. We were pleased to show Dot and her friend Pat our horticultural endeavours.

A Fantailed Cuckoo perched on our power line one day this week. This caused a wave of agitation to sweep through all the small birds in our garden. They obviously recognised the threat posed by this visitor. We could almost hear sighs of relief as the Cuckoo flew away.

Two Wattles are in full flower this week. Acacia filicifolia is flowering along the roadsides on the way into Armidale. A number of specimens of Acacia lineata are providing dazzling pictures in our garden beds.

Garden Diary