Week 3 September 2003: No rain.
We spent time organizing storage in the new kitchen.
Now planting vegetables in 200 mm pots. We cannot maintain veggies in the garden. Our Grey kangaroos have acquired a taste for organic vegetables. The veggie pots are being placed on benches.
Purchased a memory card for our digital camera. We are now able to take a minimum of 160 photographs. We are building an extensive library of plant photographs. Many of these will appear on the site in the fullness of time.
Mid week we travelled to Wingham, near Taree and stayed with our daughter and family for a couple of days. From there we travelled to Port Stephens for a family celebration of our 40th wedding anniversary that is coming up in early October. We rented a house for week. The house was large enough to accommodate all 12 members of the family. The house was only 300 metres from the beach.

Garden Diary