Week 3 September 2002: 15.5 mm of rain fell at Yallaroo this week. We saw our first Black Snake of the season. Although they are venomous they are very shy and rarely bite. We accept snakes as part of the wildlife living at Yallaroo.
We were asked to participate in Libraries Change Lives exhibition at the local library. The book we selected is Designing Australian Bush Gardens (1966) by Betty Maloney and Jean Walker. This early publication has had a profound effect on our horticultural activities and interest in native plants.
We saw two Red-necked Wallabies near the house this week. These beautiful animals put in an appearance every so often.
We had a pleasant horticultural surprise this week. One of our Western Australian Banksias has a developing flower spike. Banksia blechnifolia is a prostrate species and the flower spikes are carried on horizontal stems. As well as this species we have another three western Banksias that have survived and thrived through a frosty winter and drought conditions. They are Banksia baueri, Banksia media, and Banksia repens. They have done better than some of our eastern species. This success has inspired us to try more of these western beauties.
Saw two King Parrots flying over this week. These beautiful parrots are larger than Crimson Rosellas. The male is predominantly red and the female green.

Garden Diary