Week 3 September 2001: A very interesting week. Firstly we examined the parrot nesting boxes we put up about four weeks ago. Two were vacant but a Brush-tailed Possum has occupied the third. Donít know who was more surprised. Me perched on a ladder three metres above the ground or the possum as I lifted the lid of the nesting box.
With the arrival of the warmer weather our resident lizards are becoming active. Large Jacky Lizards are scuttling throughout the garden. A large skink lizard has returned to the front verandah.
Blue Wrens are building a nest in one of our Saltbushes. This is the second time they have nested in this plant.
On Monday we talked native plants to the local Probus club. This is a group of retired people. About 100 hundred members attended and were receptive to our information.
On Wednesday we left for Sydney to receive our award as the ABC Australian Gardener of the Year award. Drove to the Sydney Showground on Thursday morning. This was the site of the ABC Gardening Australia Live extravaganza.
Were met by ABC representatives and in company with Peter Cundall were interviewed for Radio Nationalís Comfort Zone programme. (We heard this program later when we arrived home and were very happy with the interview.) Then spent some time wandering around the exhibits and were amazed by the horticultural scope of the exhibits. Had lunch with Peter Cundall and met the other presenters of Gardening Australia TV programme.
Friday was the big day and we arrived early at the Showground. Firstly did an interview with the Australian Newspaper. Then at 11am we were announced as the Australian Gardeners of the Year. Peter Cundall made the presentation of an engraved stainless steel spade in front of an audience of 300 people including our family. We are very proud to be the winners and feel that it is a win for native plants and the Australian environment.
The rest of the day was spent in wandering around the site and being inspired by many of the exhibits. Gardening Australia Live was a very successful event and if we feel that it will become Australiaís premier horticultural event.
Thus ended one of the most eventful weeks of our lives.

Garden Diary