Week 3 October 2015:  Rain = 1.5 millimetres

One the first day of the week we did the weekly talkback garden programme on the ABC. The usual presenter was not available. This is as well as our Saturday three weekly talkback on the ABC. The programme went well.

Our Leptospermum brevipes plants are in full flower. They are also flowering along the road on the way into Armidale. We are also able to see swathes of them flowering in the hills surrounding Yallaroo. Plenty of Callistemons are also flowering including Callistemon salignus. A plant outside our kitchen window in covered in creamy-white brushes.

One morning we had visitors from Alaska come to visit the garden. They came with friends who live on the other side of Armidale. Their environment could not be more different to ours. A pleasant time was had by all.

This week we planted 12 tubes, mulched and dug holes. Where we are digging holes at present is in a basalt outcrop. The soil is very dense and there are lots of rocks. Fortunately this is only a small outcrop.

We planted seedlings of dwarf beans and pumpkins. We also picked broad beans and blueberries. The blueberries are in large pots on our north-facing deck. They are prolific bearers of delicious fruit.

We spent some time clearing the path through part of the garden. Next week we are having a large group visit the garden and we wanted to make access, to parts of the garden, easier.

Wildlife observations:  A pair of Leatherheads (Noisy Friarbirds) is visiting our bottlebrush flowers. Several Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoos were sighted and heard in one of our shrubberies. White-browed Scrub Wrens are nesting again in a pot beside our back door. One morning a Spotted Pardalote was displaying to its reflection in our shed window.

New on the Site: We were connected to nbn fixed wireless broadband early in September. We are very happy with the speed. Previously putting items on our site as well as other sites that we are involved with was very slow. Now items are going on in the “twinkling of an eye”. Consequently lots of plants went onto to site this week. They are: Boronia Carousel, B. crenulata, B. pinnata, Bulbine semibarbata, Callistemon salignus and Grevillea chrysophaea.


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